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TIP: Treat this opportunity as a business.
See step 4 below.

Step 2:

Once registered on MTI, you have 7 days to deposit Bitcoins into your investment account. Remember a minimum of $100 worth of Bitcoin is required to start trading.
Please contact the person who introduced you (if they haven’t contacted you yet) to get easy instructions on how to convert your local currency to Bitcoin and deposit into your trading account.
Watch your Bitcoin grow from day 1.

Step 3:

Log onto your MTI account and familiarize yourself with the content.

IMPORTANT: There is a link on the menu with many training videos explaining valuable information that you need to know. Please take your time and watch every video.

Step 4:

Refer friends to earn an instant 10% of whatever they invest into their trading accounts.
The training videos also explain that you can earn a handsome recurring income on profits from your down-line, even from people you don’t know. 
REMEMBERBest of all, you can make use of this very same website using YOUR OWN personal link to send to your friends and family, no selling needed, the system will know you referred them!
Please speak to the person who introduced you in order to get your personalized link and we will do the rest.